Quality translations: a difficult choice

When you need a translator for a quality translation, you have to face a challenging task. Regardless any graduation you may have, a good translation, to be declared a “quality” translation, requires not only great care and accuracy, but also innate inclinations that not a high-school nor a university can teach. Basically, you must be gifted at this (as for any other job or business); education can surely refine some traits, but those traits must already be part of the translator’s know-how.

quality translations from English to Italian and from French to Italian

I work as a translator since September 2013, when I started a partnership, still active and rewarding, with TNT-Audio, an international no-profit online free hi-fi magazine (no subscriptions required and ads-free) for those interested in the two-channels hi-fi world. This has been a great opportunity for me, because it has been (and it still is) a good way to do something I always wanted to do.

I think the translations for TNT-Audio could be considered, by all means, quality translations, that is translations corresponding to the original text, using proper and correct words, put in the right context. The translations are proofread and further checked to offer a perfect product to the readers: a series of articles and reviews easy to read, with an accurate use of the language and, most importantly, not sounding as a translation.

I also work for other customers, and I found people appreciate my translations, also because of my good fluency in Italian. I am available to work with both translation agencies and individuals; my language pairs are English to Italian and French to Italian. If you are looking for quality translations for your business, to make a good impression on your customers and business partners, I will be very happy to work with you.

My fields of expertise range from technical/electronic to tourism (I attended the Hotel Workers Training School), but I also translate generic texts (user’s manuals, articles, etc.) and books (I wrote two books myself, a short stories collection and a poems book).

In December 2016 I started to work for Babelcube because I was looking for a chance to enter the publishing industry as a translator. Babelcube puts into contact authors and translators: the former are searching for someone who translates their works and the latter are searching books to translate. Every time I finish the translation of a book, you could read about it on this website; there is also the possibility to read a free sample (on the distribution channel). Obviously, these books are also a good starting point to get an idea about my work as a translator; so I suggest you to read them. Thank you.

In November 2017 I started to work for Amazon; my job is to post-edit the machine-translated products descriptions. Even if it is not a pure translation job, it is nevertheless exciting and interesting.

quality translations from English to Italian and from French to Italian

How I work: I manage to edit my translations thoroughly, I read the text more and more, because I think it is better to spend one or two more hours and deliver a finished product, instead of delivering a rough translation that, in the end, displeases everyone, particularly the customer.